Student Cello Set

  • Passione A and D medium and Chromcor G and C
  • steel core strings

  • warm and round sound with a clear powerful tone

  • excellent bow response

Student Cello Set of Strings


  • All four strings have a solid steel core made from a high-tensile steel and are wound with chrome steel.

  • Outstanding value for money. 

  • Combination of strings specially attuned to the requirements of students and their instruments.

  • Excellent bow response on all strings thanks to a solid steel core, especially on the G- and C-strings.

  • Easy left hand response with little finger pressure necessary!

  • No metallic sharpness with A- and D-strings.

  • Warm and round sound with a clear powerful tone.


  • medium


  • 4/4

Special Feature

While working with some of the best violin makers we have come up with a cello set that is an excellent choice for students:
Cello Passione A and D medium combined with Cello Chromcor G and C.

We trust that these strings represent a great alternative for your rental instruments and for your student customers.

SET Mittel