Passione Solo

The gut string for soloists

  • finely wound and polished, handmade gut strings
  • very powerful and brilliant sound
  • great projection
  • very easy response
  • significantly increased tuning stability vs. traditional gut core strings

Passione Solo Violin Strings


  • The sheep gut core of the Passione Solo strings is manufactured, wound and polished in the traditional way, by hand.

  • soloistic tone with strong power and brilliance

  • extended range of dynamics and tone colors

  • very powerful and brilliant sound with great projection

  • Significantly reduced playing-in time: Passione strings are immediately playable other than traditional gut strings.

  • very easy response


  • E-Silvery Steel, A-aluminum, D- and G-silver


  • envelope
  • straight


  • Passione Solo is available in medium gauge only. The strings are slightly thicker than the medium gauge of the Passione strings.

  • The Passione Solo Silvery Steel E-string gauge is medium (0.26mm).

Tailpiece Options

  • All A-, D- and G-strings come with a ball-end in order to facilitate the installation.

  • The E-strings are available with ball- or loop-end.


  • All Passione Solo strings are available in 4/4.

Special Features

The length of colored silk at the peg end of the Passione Solo G-string is different than the length of the A- and D- strings. This has been done intentionally and is part of the construction of the G-string. The special length of the G-string’s color winding at the peg end prevents the string from breaking in the peg box. At the latest after two to three days the stretching process will be finalized.
As a result the silk winding will no longer reach over the nut. We have made numerous tests with this special G on various violins all differing in size and the string has always fitted. On some violins it takes longer, with other violins the string even fits from the beginning.

The introduction of the violin string set Passione underlines our conviction that young violinists enthusiastically taken up our patented modern violin gut-core string set. The feedback about Passione emphasizes its tuning stability, its effortless response and its quick playability. Violinists have also confirmed the complexity of sound and wide range of colors.

Now the Passione Solo for violin adds another way to express musical ideas. The range of dynamics has been extended so that  a soloist tone   with   strong   power   and   brilliance is

available. This focus allows musicians an effortless presence in the orchestra and the solo violin develops a noble projection within the orchestra (e.g. violin concerts of Brahms, Tschaikowsky, Sibelius, Bartók or Alban Berg).


The violin set Passione Solo captivates with its precious smoothness and effortless response. The set combines a radiating beautiful sound with strong power and brilliance.
E Ball Silvery Steel 26 Envelope
4/4 7.8 kg
E Loop Silvery Steel 26 Envelope
4/4 7.8 kg
A Gut/Aluminum Mittel Envelope
4/4 5.0 kg
A Gut/Aluminum Mittel Straight
4/4 5.0 kg
D Gut/Silver Mittel Envelope
4/4 4.9 kg
D Gut/Silver Mittel Straight
4/4 4.9 kg
G Gut/Silver Mittel Envelope
4/4 4.6 kg
G Gut/Silver Mittel Straight
4/4 4.6 kg
SET E-Ball Mittel Envelope
SET E-Ball Mittel Straight
SET E-Loop Mittel Envelope
SET E-Loop Mittel Straight

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