PIRASTRO KorfkerRest

The ultimate in sound and comfort

  • Adjustable to each individual by bending
  • Lets your instrument sound freely
  • Featherlight construction in highest quality maple
  • Extra accessories from 2018


PIRASTRO KorfkerRest



  • First shoulder rest using bendable tone wood which can be adjusted to the shape of the shoulder
  • Offers extensive and very precise personal adjustment of position, height and tilt
  • Brings out a much wider dynamic range from the instrument
  • Allows a wider diversity in articulation
  • Finer variations in string contact can be felt
  • Minimal use of rubber improves sound characteristics
  • Designed to complement the timeless beauty of your instrument
  • Extra of accessories from 2018
  • Now available for viola

> Manual KorfkerRest Model 2 for Violin und Viola (PDF)

New Microsite www.pirastro-shoulderrests.com

Find complete informations about our shoulder rests KorfkerCradle® and KorfkerRest® including video tutorials with Berent Korfker and online manual on our new microsite visiting pirastro-shoulderrests.com

Pirastro Korfkerrest Violin

Pirastro Korfkerrest Viola


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> Abel Tomàs
> Luke Turrell
> Esther Yoo